Landmark retailer: Natural Wood Kitchens

  • Natural Wood Kitchens is now a Blum UK landmark retailer featuring SPACE TOWER in our showroom – the ultimate solution for larder units.

    Professionally designed and built kitchens will meet the needs of busy family life. We at NWK design (natural wood kitchens) have almost 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of kitchens.

    We carefully design around information received from each client, including life style, age, family size and degree of sociability. Taking ergonomics into account we identify the sweet spot within the kitchen area, this gives us the starting point to work each design from.

    Each kitchen needs to flow with ease, accessing all food prep areas, cooking, serving food, washing up wet areas and storage, offering a model of order and discipline.

    The kitchens aesthetics (shape, form, colour, texture, symmetry, and proportion) are all taken into account, aiming to fit into each individuals
    unique taste. It doesn’t just end there, we use the finest materials of the highest quality taking care in every fine detail during manufacturing and installation so that you will have a kitchen that is built to last.

    Our company aim is to design and build beautiful kitchens that you will love and enjoy for many years.

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  • Call: 0284 3723499
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  • Address: Natural Wood Kitchens, 2, 84 Dundrum Rd, Newcastle BT33 0LN
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