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SPACE TOWER – the ultimate solution for larder units – can be accessed with impressive ease, provides ample space for provisions and can be tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

All of the fittings used for SPACE TOWER come from the standard range and are backed by the Blum Lifetime Guarantee. As well as the TANDEMBOX and LEGRABOX box systems, wooden drawers can also be used with MOVENTO or TANDEM.

This makes it possible to achieve a uniform appearance across the whole kitchen but still leaves plenty of flexibility to individually design the cabinet interiors.

Planning Guidelines

To ensure that every single SPACE TOWER has the wow factor, there are already some handy design tips available for when you are planning your practical solution. There is no need to specially cut the base and back during installation.

SPACE TOWER – Shelf and inner drawer

Shelf and inner drawer

In high cabinets, a practical shelf is the highest level and therefore clearly visible from the front. The inner drawer underneath makes it easier to access stored items from the side.

Planning option for SPACE TOWER with LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX

Flexible positioning of pull-outs

The option to position the inner pull-outs at different heights within the cabinet guarantees that even items such as bottles or cereal boxes won’t be too tall to store.

Hinge above the lowest pull-out

CLIP top 155° hinge

If the hinge is mounted above the lowest pull-out, it can be inserted right at the bottom, turning even those last few centimetres into usable storage space.

Installation Instructions

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Carcase Illustrations

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Marking Template

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